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Favorite map in counterstrike 1.6?
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Welcome to Clan [eXo]'s homepage. On this page you can find alot of information regarding the clan and our activities around the steam network. Anything posted here is static information. This page will not be edited as frequently as the forum permits. We refer to the forum for rules and similar! We hope you will enjoy your visit!

Name: Clan eXo
Tag: "eXo | " ("eXo<space>|<space>")
Creation date: 6/9-09
Creators: InsideR, Samsoe, Avenger
Steam Network: We have created a steam-group, but you have to be invited. If you want an invite, please PM any of the members already in the group. (InsideR, Samsoe, Avenger +more)

Please check the forum for further information.
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