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Favorite map in counterstrike 1.6?
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I have been talking to cratman, the owner of [Myller] HNS. He suggested we bought our servers from This is what he uses. Go to the page and look for prices, it is not that expensive! biggrin
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An update on the mumble-server has been made. This caused an IP-change, but also cleared out the problems and buggs i have had earlier. The IP should NOT reset anymore, unless i tell it too ofcourse.

It was an error on my router (firmware downgrade) that caused the disconnections, so i was forced to hardboot and reforward the router. It is too early to say if all the problems were fixed, but i sure hope so!

Message me ingame, for the new IP!

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Let's all say hello to our new member Gizmo, who we found on a HNS server. Jumping, looking and smelling like an IDIOT! (aka. frog). Thumbs up for Avenger who invited him and thanks to Gizmo for joining. :)
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So i've finally got my mumble-server going. It is running on ubuntu with 100 slots. It's working fine, but i have not yet got the hang of it yet. There is a few known bugs on the server.

1. Can't save users and channels to DB (i have to work on this, but at the moment it doesn't matter, since there is no password for the mumble-server)
2. The server is running on a dynamic IP (i am not sure what will happen if i make it static, since i am running more than one computer on my home network, but this is rather good for safety measures. This means the server has no permanent ip, so i have to give you guys the ip when we have to use the server!)
3. The server is NOT up 24/7 (the server is running on my work and school labtop, this means that it is ONLY available when we are playing CW/FFA or ... Read more »

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Here is the new rules:

§ 1 - No Cheating of any kind, this includes Ghosting

§ 2 - Behave mature

§ 3 - No TD, TK or TF on purpose!

§ 4 - Try to accomplish the mission. Plant/Defuse or Hostage Save/Defend

§ 5 - No Spawn camp OR spawn kill!

§ 6 - Listen and do what the admins says

§ 7 - Abuse of servers result in perm ban

§ 8 - Map bugs; Flashbug, Bunnyjump, Russer etc. is not allowed in FFA and CW

§ 9 - Pretending to be admin, when you arent, results in perm ban

§ 10 - Votekick/Voteban an admin = permban

§ 11 - Nick- and Clantag stealing not allowed!

§ 12 - No L ... Read more »

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Say hello to the new moderators:


and me, Sommer

I would like you to write your ingame name in your signature for the forum. This can be done in text or in a picture like mine. If you wish to make it a picture please note that it may not be bigger than 400x100. If you make it bigger and i see it, i will remove it. No warnings given. I will remove the picture and let you try again. No other measures will be taken! So don't worry smile

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We were supposed to play a 3n3 CW vs. Uchiha, but they didn't show. If this was because of poor planning i really don't know, but let's just say they owe us one. I will arrange something with the clan leader, Itachi. Keep updated in the forums!
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So it is done. Or, not really, but i've done my best so far. I've added every category in forum and in downloads as we should need. The only thing i'm not satisfied with, is the template. I'll figure that out, but at the moment you have to settle with this, sorry :D
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So, were done. It took me around 2 hours to fix it all up, i hope you will like it. I will work some more on the site, when i have time (later this evening or tomorrow). Please only invite serious players, aswell as skilled ones. We are not looking for players which need to learn skill. Clan eXo aims for a spot in SLAP so let us all set our goals in that direction! Have fun and remember to register.. it's somewhere above this!
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